Chick Wrens Rollin River Band

Founded 2002 by Chick Wren in Birmingham UK. The band currently features Chick Wren on vocal and guitar and Pete Walsh on lead guitar and vocal with Paul Willetts on drums and Andy Sutor on bass. 

The band provides a vehicle for original songs and which is firmly underpinned by their original sound


The new album 'Hoodoo River' features the renowned Freddie Pirotta on keys and features Phil Brittle on percussion and Tim Jennings on sax.

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Chick Wren

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Hoodoo River (2015)

Birmingham (UK) journeyman bluesman and his talented band produced a fine record of Brit electric blues, and with changing amount of musicians, seven at the highest count for a live show, their sound is incredible, love the mayhem of  the music, you need 4 ears!
Back to back plays, exude the wow factor. Surprised how good this album is for a non mainstream blues talent, a crescendo of fantastic tunes over 9 tracks is an absolute pleasure to hear for any blues fan. Finale for the album is a classic.
Rating 4.50.

(Rock And Blues